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Designed for beginners with little or no experience, this course is not just about throwing techniques at students, but takes you through the whole process of being what it takes to be a DJ. We teach the basics of mixing, how to craft your own set and how to mix different styles of music. It may sound complex but we know how to break it down for you! The most important thing about teaching DJing is the personal attention and care from us. Our students, when graduates, have nothing less than what it takes to be Spin Doctors.

Course Contents

  • Set up – The equipments you need are Mixer set up, Connections, Troubleshooting and tips.
  • Beats, Bars and phrasing – Understand how tunes are structured and learn counting methods to help choose the right area for mixing.
  • Drop Mixing – The skill needed to mix one track into another includes mix manipulation, mixing different styles of music.
  • Beat Matching – How to keep two tracks playing at the same time together. Includes Speeding up/ Slowing down techniques by hand, using the pitch adjustment fader, recognizing different sounds on each track, where to mix in and out of the tracks.
  • Sounds and Levels – Get to grips with EQ, monitoring, headphone levels, planning, and level matching.
  • Tricks – Learn EQ tricks and fills Line/Phono switch tricks and also basis of scratching.
  • CD Mixing – We will be teaching you all the features of the CD machine and mixer.


The most important thing for a DJ is to have the best and the latest music, so we also teach you how to download music and sort them.

Course Structure

You can be a complete DJ, ready to rock clubs in just 1 month! Want to know more?

We offer interactive practical classes at Scratch DJ School for 2 Hours a day, 5 Days a week. You can be a DJ right from Day 1.

In order for us to make sure that we fine tune our coaching to suit your comfort levels, we make sure that we accommodate only 1 student per session, with full access to the equipment. This helps in receiving personal attention and confidence building.

During the course you will have access to the equipment, while no one else is waiting for the same. All that you have to do is make sure that you call us, and fix up your slot once and for all, for the entire duration of the course. We will then schedule the other students after we’ve met your requirement. What’s best is that you will have the option to practice all that’s being taught to you during the classes when you are free; and the bonus is that you also have a technical advisor at your call in case you need his help. We bet that no one makes DJ Learning so easy!

We’re open from 10 AM to 6 PM; Monday to Friday!

Our Specialty

  • Scratch DJ School is different in its own way. We believe in a personal relationship, rather than the conventional teacher-student relationship.
  • Our students get to meet celebrity DJs during the course. After the course, we help our students forward their mixes to our clients, promoting them even before they actually start.
  • You also get your own mixed CD which will be recorded live at our studios during end of the course for your personal promotions.
  • We also teach you about promoting yourself in clubs and pubs! You will be featured in our website where millions around the planet see your profiles, listen to your music and if you’re lucky, book you for a show! We don’t just believe in teaching!
  • We also make sure that you get discounts like no other on CDs and DJ Equipments.

Our state of the art facility

Scratch DJ School provides the best of equipments, as we believe that DJs are on a higher level. Hence, we want our students to feel good about coming and practicing here!

We offer practice sessions on

  • BOSE 802 Speakers
  • Pioneer DJM 800 Professional Mixers
  • Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK3 Players
  • Technics 1210 Turntables
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